Techniques for washing carpets in cleaning solution - Carpet Cleaning in Houston

New carpet and rug cleaning could be a challenging task which you'll ultimately do after months or years. WOW! Clean Carpet will help you to ease that burden. On the subject of rug cleaning, the treatment depends on the quality and where it was manufactured, when deciding on the desired carpet cleaning approach. In case your rug is hand-crafted then the technique encouraged by carpet cleaning experts is often a full submerged bath and rinse. This should be done by a rug expert. They should know the kind of material of the area rug to be able to recognize how to progress carefully. The very first thing they'll do is a good agitation or beating to shed most of the filth from the carpet before it is bathed. This process is old-fashioned but still practiced today by hanging an area rug and beating it with a special metal tool. Once the majority of the fine dirt have been extracted, then the technique of submerging the rug in cleaning solution will start. Through this process, you are assured that the rug will be rid of any odors, fine dirt, and it thoroughly cleans the rug. The cost of this process is by the square foot of the rug. You can take your rug to the shop or the professional will pick it up for you.


These tips are helpful as you clean the rugs/ carpet yourself. But if you want to avoid the hassle and inconvenience you can always get in touch with one of the most reliable carpet cleaners in Katy, TX. WOW! Clean Carpet is always ready to serve your needs. We also specialize in restoration, and spot removal.