Carpet Stains in Katy, TX

Why tolerate carpet stains when you can get rid of them to begin with? It is essential to learn methods to eliminate carpet spots to have a stain-free carpet. You have to do this to extend the life of the carpet.


It happens all the time; a recently poured veggie juice in a glass slips from your hand on to your new family room carpet. Now, the stain is visible and extremely difficult to remove. Of course, there is a lot of cleaning solutions available which will work on such stains. But do these products actually ever work to the consumer’s full satisfaction? Usually, your carpeting requires an initial scrub using the solution, accompanied by a deep scrub with plain cold water. Generally you have to do this over and over again until most of the blemish fades. But, as many will find out powerful marks leave deposits and color behind. So, the next step you can take is to get rid of carpet stains!


The following tips are suggested so you're able to get rid of the rug spills:


• For ultimate protection use protector for spills, stains and grime.

• Always be mindful of where you’ve left your drink or food.

• Keep household cleaning solutions always accessible and in a place that’s easily remembered in order to not let unsightly stains set.

• Remember that the more counter/ table surface area, the less spills.

• Keep pets off the carpet.

It is very important to remember in your carpet purchase to avoid white or light colored carpeting if you can. Darker colors show stains less and are normally easier to maintain. Traditional cleaners and water will work but taking full anticipatory action will help you avoid the problem before it occurs. So before you get into sticky situation with your carpet, remember that it could be avoided. Preventing stains is the wisest thing to do. But after all is said and done, stains happen and the only sure way to make them go away is to call one of the carpet cleaning professionals in Katy, TX. WOW! Clean Carpet is the solution, where customer satisfaction is our mission.